Assay development workflow follows
the general approach published by
Picotti et al., (2010) Nat Methods

GCM delivers packages for the development of mid-/high-throughput single reaction monitoring (SRM) and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays. The package contains synthetic peptides and assay layouts, including SRM transition spreadsheets and peak intensity calibration data. GCM provides convenience and flexibility in the development of quantitative MS approaches, thereby accelerating biological assays by reducing the setup time of MS experiments. Biomarker survey usually generates plenty of candidate proteins, of which further validation is required with appropriate tools for quantification of proteins in patient and control samples with high sensitivity, absolute specificity, and sufficient throughput.

Multiple reaction monitoring

Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) using a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is a powerful method for the quantitative measurement of target proteins. MS-based quantitative assays are the undoubted choice for biomarker validation, and for providing high specificity, sensitivity, and multiplex capability.

Assay Development

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Biosample Analysis

GCM provides a range of proteotypic peptides for calibration and testing of MRM-MS, for highly selective simultaneous detection, and for sensitive quantification of abundant of proteins and peptides in complex biological samples for their targeted identification, screening, and quantification. Each kit is tailored in terms of complexity and specificity to meet the needs of individual customers in regards to the numbers of samples and proteins.


Kit design

Each kit is individually developed from target proteins indicated by our customers. Gene-centric is also committed to exceptional customer experience beyond specific design decisions on kit composition and arrangement.