GCM provides you an opportunity to screen you biosamples (blood plasma\serum or cell lysate) to identify and to quantify up to one thousand of proteins, which you select on your choice from UniProtKB. At a cost of as low as one thousand USD you can get most accurate information about protein content. For each protein you obtain:

  • identification in the samples in the concentration down to 10-16 M;
  • protein abundance with accuracy less than half of an order of magnitude;
  • evidences of single amino acid polymorphisms, post-translational modifications, alternative splicing or truncated variants.

Protein Passport

Design the protein passport, covering the complete information grabbed from the protein informatics resources and comparing such info to you proprietary experimental data. Passport is provided in the easy-to-read form, intuitively understandable for the physician. GCM professionals would help you with processing of your data in accordance to the medical relevance of you biosamples.

Technical Protocols

We provide our customers with following protocols:

• Sample preparation (Tryptic Digest, ZipTip)
• Isotope dating and tracking
• Spectral interpretation and data analysis
• Quantitative MRM/SRM assay
• Reversed-phase HPLC-based method