Proteotyper Kit Component Synthesis &
Materials, €
Kit design,  € Assay development, € QC, €
Basic Peptide 300 30 300 180
Professional Peptide 300 30 600 180
Advanced Peptide 600 70 300 260
Mix Peptide 300 60 400 240
Customized DNA
RT-PCR primer
700 260 800 350
Affinity-based Antibody
500 300 700 300
Express & Go Cell-free
protein system
1300 700 1500 450

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. To find out the precise cost of an order, please contact us.  All of our products can be shipped worldwide. The cost of shipping is based on the country where it is delivered and the quantity of Proteotyper Kits purchased. International customers are responsible for VAT (Value Added Tax) and the custom fee.

Assay development includes bioinformatic service for designing MRM data acquisition methods using
Peptide PageRank®. This service provides the following options:

• Occurrence calculation across MS-repositories
• Fragmentation Mapping
• Probabilistic qTOF/QQQ fragmentation
• Static MRM optimization
• Recommendation with Peptide PageRank®

The cost calculation of the peptide is specified by the correction M-/N-dependent factors; specifically, average processed units (APU) and average service complexity (ASC), which describe the specific complexities of MRM-data acquisition. M denotes molecular weights, N denotes number of possible tryptic peptides.