We offer an interactive ordering process. Initiate your order by submitting a list of UniProt accession numbers. Assure yourself that these accession numbers represent the human protein.

Based on your submission, we will calculate the proteotypic peptides that correspond to your proteins. These peptides will be screened through our expanding library of more than twenty thousand, and reported to you with the appropriate pricing. If you find the prices acceptable, you will confirm your order and move to the next step.
The arrangement of a microtiter plate and/or microfluidic calibration device is designed next to meet the specific requirements of your equipment or experimental strategy.

Compose your assay

If you are hesitating about selecting the appropriate set of proteins, formulate the problem for our bioinformatics support staff. Prepare a list of keywords (preferably, Medical Subject Headings or GO terms) specific to your area of the research, and submit this list together with the list of proteins that are interesting to you. You can also include some PubMed citations to indicate the anticipated hot spots where the ordered kit should be applied. By database/literature mining, we will calculate the usability index of each protein that is relevant to your individual research profile. Top-ranked proteins will be recommended for inclusion into the Proteotyper Kit.

Price pattern

Normally, we do not charge for peptide synthesis, as quality control services mostly include the price of proteotypic peptides. You will obtain the results of the quality control procedures with the synthesized peptide in the electronic format. For each peptide you get the following specifications:

  • high-precision qToF fragmentation map
  • high-resolution static MRM
  • dynamic MRM for at least 3 fragmentation ions for each peptide
  • calibration data for six logs of concentrations (5-7 datapoints)
  • reproducible assessment for m/z and intensity (calculated by at least 5 independent measurements)

GCM technology guarantees the valid measurements according to the above specifications. Products that do not meet the specified requirements are subject to being shipped again at the cost of the postal service. Invalid products can be changed to any other peptide upon customer request.


Get Free

Calculation of the proteotypic peptides is free in case you are planning to develop new type of MRM assay for GCM portfolio. We also take care of quality control and marketing of you product.