Microfabrication Facility

Microfabrication Facility

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Includes qTOF, QQQ

This production line is an important opportunity and has made microfluidic technology accessible for Customers. GCM now fully integrates technological processes of proteomic, pharmacy, and food industry research interests into an easy-to-use microfabrication system with flexible and fully-staffed microfluidic systems and repair services.


Microfluidic fabrication device: Direct Ink Write Process of fabrication of microvascular systems, 3D microfluidics with resolution to 250 nm.
Peptide synthesizer: Perform solid and solution phase chemistry for up to 24 different reactions simultaneously in up to four different heat zones.
Analyzer: qTOF LC/MS provides superior sensitivity and data quality for profiling, identifying, characterizing, and quantifying proteotypic peptides with sub ppm mass accuracy in m/z range 20-10,000 Da.
Quality Control: Triple-quadrupole ion-trap for peptide quantifying with zeptomole sensitivity and an unprecedented six logs of linearity.
Registration in GCM catalogue: Your custom-produced kits are marketed through the DiChTe customers network.

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