Gene-centric products are designed to support our customers worldwide with high-quality consumables, accessories and kits for protein identification and quantification. Our products are specifically produced to meet the requirements of the
Human Proteome Project.

Proteotyping at its best

The emerging Gene-Centric Magic (GCM) product line is targeted for the discovery of candidate diagnostic markers and potential drug targets across a remarkably wide dynamic range. The GCM flagship product, the Proteotyper® Kit, offers a multiplex protein assay for obtaining the following benefits:

  • Unprecendented sensitivity
  • High reproducibility
  • Superior quality

Contract research

Customers benefit from our strong background in transcriptome analysis, MS-\Ab-based proteomics, peptide and protein arrays. GCM can bring its expertise in protein profiling and target validation to companions in contract research.

Get more information about multiple reaction monitoring (MRM)-based research by visiting Workflow.

Proteotyper Kit

High-throughput assaying of proteins using MRM for targeted proteomics.

Proteotyper Kit
pdf For more details take a look at the Proteotyper Kit.

Use Magic

Magic of targeted proteomics gets rid of the uncertainty of affinity-based biomarker discovery. By using the MRM spectral library, protein assays can be designed just in a few minutes. Not realistic?

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For customers interested in designing and producing microfluidic MRM assays, we provide ready-to-operate microfabrication systems.

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GCM supplies researchers with various services to foster biosample analysis and accelerate biomarker discovery.